Business support services

Business Support Services

Business Support Services

We recognise the vital role your staff play within your business, as specialists within the land-based sectors, we understand the industry and the people within it.

Our consultation services offer an unbiased, straight forward, and professional service from an independent consultant.

New business start-up and scale up services

Whether you are a new business looking to recruit your first members of staff or looking to expand your current team we can offer practical advice, training, and induction programmes to support your business.

Available both remotely or on site for full days, our service gives you the specialist support you need including salary advice, advertising packages, virtual/face to face inductions, cultural engagement, and ongoing support.

Interview Support

Interviews are an incredibly vital part of the recruitment process, when executed well, interviews can ensure you are hiring the best staff, increasing your business productivity and ensuring a positive culture within your team.

Offering an independent and unbiased overview of your interview process our Interview Support Service can prepare and execute interviews in line with your company values, ensuring that time is used effectively, and cost is minimised.

Whether you are looking for someone to lead and manage the whole recruitment process or you are looking for an independent professional to sit in on your interviews to offer an unbiased approach we can provide the support you need with your interview process.

Cost reduction & restructuring (redundancy)

Offering support and advice on several cost reduction and restructuring projects including employee transition workshops during redundancies which include interview preparation, Linkedin profile reviews and CV appraisals ensuring employees are always treated fairly and with dignity throughout the difficult transition.

Offering guidance and support with remote working, flexi working, and other cost-effective methods allows you to maximise profitability and retain staff whilst lowering overheads.

Organisational design and change management

Structural change can be difficult to manage, we offer various workshops and training programmes designed to support any structural or large-scale changes within the business.

These workshops are designed to increase positivity within the workplace during various degrees of change within a business.

Supporting your staff through the process, these workshops are designed to convey your business’ message of structural change and provide reassurance to staff who may have several concerns surrounding the changes.

By allowing a third-party consultant to be present during these times can allow your staff to vocalise their concerns surrounding structural changes, this means issues are dealt with immediately with as little disruption to your business.

Culture and Engagement

Employers are now increasingly aware of the importance the right staff culture is within a business, creating the right environment for new staff or attempting to reconcile difficult feelings within the business can be a challenge.

Understanding workplace culture and engagement can increase long term profitability and reduce cost with a lower staff turnover, in addition, creating the right environment can mean your business is seen as the company of choice for those looking for a new career.

Our workshops support both staff and management, encouraging them to work together to create an environment where staff feel valued and supported and management can feel empowered in their position to support staff. Long term, staff sickness and absence is decreased whilst mental health and productivity is increased.

These courses are delivered face to face either though half day sessions with group sizes of 2-15 or full day sessions with groups sizes 15+

HR Support

Coming 2022, our HR support offers businesses a wide range of HR services.